Trying out Eminence Skin Care


For the longest time I have heard about Eminence Skin Care and never tried it.  Alot of my Makeup Artist friends rave about this skin as it is cruelty free, natural and free of parabens and yucky stuff.  This skin has alot of vitamins, and tons of fruit and plant extracts.  Based out of Hungary Eminence has been around for a very long time and very popular amongst makeup artist, celebrities and of course every day people. I had to try it!




I had purchased the Sour Cherry Whip Moisturizer and was very impressed. It smells soo yummy and best of all its extremely light weight.  I am not a fan of oily moisturizers.  This also came with a small spatula if I wanted to use it on clients.  A collegue also recommended this for male grooming as its a matte finish.



For Eye Cream I had tried the Bearberry Eye Repair cream. A little bit goes along way and I tried it at night.  It gives the illusion smoothing out fine lines and darkess around the eyes. Love it as I only need Oh so much as its quite potent. Another Winner in my books!  They also have the Wild Plum Eye Cream which I will try next!


Lastly was my Vanilla Mint Hand Cream. It smells delicious and such a delight! I Honest I only need about a pinky nail size to fill my hands. It is extremely moisturizing and was very worth the price! It has a soft Vanilla smell with a hint of Mint 😉


Are there other products you recommend? or love? Would love to know!





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