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Airbrush Finish with out the Airbrush<3

I have clients all the time requesting a “airbrush look” especially for brides.  Airbrush makeup makes your face look flawless, impeccable and absolutely perfect ( if done right).  Airbrush services are a additional fee however those who are on a budget, we offer a second option which I prefer so much more ( no extra machine, no holding your breath, no horror stories if the machine breaks mid way).  We love using the Beauty Blender for air brush makeup.  There are no edges so you will not get any streaks or brush marks on the face.  I love the versatility of the beauty blender because you can apply and also erase (yay! for double duty). The instructions say you should dampen the sponge and apply the makeup on your face. I love it because you get so much more control of the product you are providing.  Also not only can you apply wet foundation, you can apply powders as well!. The Beauty Blender is one of my must have products in my kit <3 What do you use to create the airbrushed makeup look without the airbrush?


Love is in the Air <3

We were so honoured when Amanda from Amanda Coldicutt Photography asked us to do her makeup and hair for her photoshoot with her hubby.  She was such a sweetheart and after then we have collaborated together for a Bridal Shoot seen here.  Amanda had another amazing photographer Justine Russo photograph her afternoon. Wow are these shots amazing. I’m loving how her makeup translated (smokey eyes with lashes!) Thank you Amanda for having us be a part of your shoot <3





Favourite Brow Products <3

One of the biggest trends right now are full, bold brows. There are many kind of brow products out there which include pencils, pomades, powders and even cosmetic tattooing. Depending on your preference you may use one or many products to perfect your brows to your desired ” look”. I personally have used shadows and pomades but recently have switched to Benefit Gimme Brow ( listed below). I used to spend 20 mins on them but after finding this product, its 3 mins and ta-da done!. How long do you spend on your brows?

1)Benefit Gimme Brow – As someone who over plucked their eyebrows in high school my brows are not as full as I want. I use Gimme Brow to create brows and an arch where there is none. Gimme Brow is a “brush on fiber gel” which adheres to your skin and brows giving the illusion of “hairs” where needed. I love that is it waterproof and comes in 2 shades

2)Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Po has been trending all through Youtube and Instagram. The pomade comes in many different kind of shades ranging from the lightest blond to the darkest ebony. A little goes along way, apply it with a angled brush and watch the magic happen. PS:its also waterproof and a little pot will last you months. Make sure you close the lid tight as it may dry out. Below is a sample of their shades, she has released more ( yippy)


3) Senna Cosmetics Brow Book- As a professional makeup artist I carry this palette which covers all shades for different skin tones, hair colours etc. A little palette which is travel friendly and no need for extra products. The brow palette is super pigmented not does cause “fall out”. These colours are made perfect for perfecting the brow. Bonus: Comes with a brow wax and a brow highlighter 😉


Makeup Reviews

Okay I had to admit it but I am a hoarder for makeup, Yup I have a makeup problem! There are so many new products on the market these days and I am usually at Sephora or shopping online for the new latest product. Here are the latest 3 finds I’m loving lately

1) Hourglass Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in “Canvas”- I got recommended this product by a fellow makeup artist here in Vancouver. I was looking for a a nude long lasting lip stick and she recommended me this. Canvas is amazing, its the perfect nude, non drying, non sticky liquid lipstick. Great product for brides on their wedding day!



2)My next purchase was the Viseart Matte Eyeshadow palette.  I was away for a few days in Seattle for a Colour theory class and got recommended this from a well known Makeup Artist.  Viseart Matte Eyeshadow is matte and *drum roll please* does not have fall out!.  After working in the industry for 9+ years I havebeen looking everywhere for eyeshadows that do not fall out all over the cheeks.  What a great palette to great a neutral eye or even a intense smokey eye.



3)Foundations, where do I start.  They range from $10.99 to $120 a bottle.  So many brands out there and its overwhelming trying to see what ” finish” you want from a foundation.  There are also many factors that help us decide which one to purchase.  Oily skin, combination skin, dry, sensitive the list goes on.  I purchased Face Atelier Ultra Foundation and I love it!.  A little goes along way and it is very buildable for the coverage you want to acheive.   A bit on the pricier side however Great Makeup starts with a Great Base!.  Foundation is something worth spending the extra money on



What have you purchased recently and loved? I would love to know!

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